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At Mirelle, we believe that corporate gifting is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Branded corporate gifts may mean anything from caps to keyrings with your logo on them, from embossed notebooks to branded coffee mugs; anything that contains your logo and puts a smile on the receiver’s dial.

How Your Business Benefits from Branded Gifts

Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 advantages that corporate gifting has for your business, particularly when it comes to growing your brand and its reputation.

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1. Branded Gifts Build Relationships

When it comes to making a personal connection, gifts are an excellent way to add the human touch to your professional interactions. Customers who receive gifts - and who doesn’t love being treated? - remember your brand fondly and will be more likely to look forward to interacting with your brand in future.

2. Promotional Gifts Spread Awareness

Putting your business name and logo on the gifts that disseminate is a highly effective means of spreading your name, quite literally. For example, a branded notebook that follows one of your clients to each of their meetings also gets seen by all their clients as knowledge of your organisation continues to spread.

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3. Branded Gifts Keep Your Message Alive

When your gifts are carefully thought out and are consistent with your brand’s voice and message, this message will continue to spread even when you are not around to drive the point home; your promotional material is there to drive it for you.

4. Promotional Gifts Expand Your Reach

Gifts can be leveraged as an incentive to get clients to refer you to their friends and business associates. Your generosity and creatively-executed message will create an excellent starting point for generating good feelings about your brand and the products or services you provide.

5. Corporate Gifts Drive Sales

It’s simple maths; customers who receive gifts retain good feelings about your company because they feel valued and appreciated. This results in more good feelings and future transactions with your business.

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